New Patients.
All new patients should arrive 15 minutes prior to their appointed time to fill out necessary paperwork. 
Insurance Card.
Please bring your insurance card to every appointment.
Notify the insurance office of any changes of address, name, insurance company or policy.

Contact you referring physician prior to your consultation to ensure that pertinent medical records have been sent to our office.  We must have your medical records prior to consultation.
Your Treatment
The treatment of your disease is a team effort involving you, your family, physicians, and the nursing staff.  Our staff is specially trained in Oncology to ensure the highest standard of care.  Before you start treatment, the drugs that you will receive will be discussed.  Reading materials will be provided for you to keep and review at home.  During treatment, side effects will be monitored and further questions answered.  At any time you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to ask your nurse or physician.  We are here to help.
Patient Bill of Rights

The right to personal dignity.

The right to privacy/confidentiality. We will not release information or discuss your illness/treatment with any party/person without your consent.  
 The right to be treated with consideration and respect.

The right to information about your diagnosis, treatment options and prognosis in a manner you can understand.
The right to refuse or discontinue treatment and to be informed of medical consequences.

The right to be referred to a teaching facility and to participate in clinical trials and research protocols.

The right to receive a full explanation of your bill.
New Patients

All new patients should arrive 15 minutes prior to their appointed time to fill out necessary paperwork.

Physician Consultation on cancers
Physician Consultation on blood diseases
Chemotherapy by certified oncology nurses
Referrals for services not provided by our practice
Referrals to home care or Hospice care when needed
Financial / Insurance Counseling
We do not treat children younger than 18 years old
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